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House rules

House rules for AAB Afdeling 16

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House rules of department AAB 16


A department cooperative with many residents is comparable with a miniature society. We are more or less dependent on each other and have things to do together. Therefore we naturally set some minimum rules to ensure a nice social environment in the property. We ask you to remember, that these rules are set to protect you, your neighbours and the property.

If we all acknowledge the necessity to take each other into account, we can create a safe and nice living environment.

At the same time the rules are set to provide peace and order among the residents and to keep the property and the open space in good condition, so that the maintenance cost is kept to a minimum. That is why it is of great impotence, that parents guide their children and at the same time act as a good example.

Remember that it is up to yourselves – through your rent – to pay for the refurbishment – and for the things you might break.

To ensure the good social environment, we ask you to personally contact your fellow resident if you feel violated by him or her before you contact the board of the department.


If you, your family or your guests violate the rules repeatedly, your lease will be taken for evaluation.

Noise in general

The department is from the 1920s. If this building In particular is more sound-sensitive than other buildings from that era is unknown. But the board calls that you show consideration to your fellow residents and do not make any unnecessary noise, and that you show tolerance toward your neighbours – we all live here!

Machines etc.

Sewing machines etc. that can be of noise nuisance to your neighbours must be put on an extra surface to lower the noise best possible. Drilling machines and other noisy machines can be used on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm, and on weekends between 9 am and 8 pm.

Music etc.

Radio, television, music players, computer games and instruments must be used in consideration of your fellow residents. In the late evenings special consideration must be taken, so that your neighbours can have their night’s sleep. It is considered good conduct to inform your neighbours if you are throwing a party. Put a note on the billboard in the stair well.

Registered vehicles and mopeds

It is not allowed to park registered vehicles or mopeds in the courtyard. Neither is it allowed to leave vehicles that contain gas in the bicycle storage.


Residents must have a written agreement with the board of the department to put up unnecessary antennas and rooftop antennas. If permission is given, the board of the department decides where to put the antenna.


Trash has to be wrapped before thrown into the waste containers. This also goes for cat litter. Close the waste containers when done. Remember to put all of the trash in the waste containers; do not throw any trash on the ground. Before refrigerators, stoves and other large electronic devices can be put into bulky waste, you need to make an agreement with the caretaker of the property.

Every other month bulky waste is being picked up.

Please leave your bulky waste by the cellar of Ellevangen 1 and 17, leave your waste no sooner than one day earlier than the pick up day.

Baths and restrooms

You need to consider your neighbours when showering. To avoid the drains from plugging, carefully consider what you throw into your sink or toilet. Diapers, cotton, newspapers etc. must never be thrown into the toilet. If there is a leak in the installations it has to be reported to the board of the department as soon as possible.

Bicycles and prams

We call that both bicycles and prams are parked in the bicycle storages. Here they are safe from both the weather and thieves. The bicycle storages have to be locked and must not be used as storage for waste or for children’s toys.


If the property or the open spaces are contaminated with paint or the like it has to be cleaned up as fast as possible. If this is not done the responsible resident will receive a cleaning bill.


Rules for cat hold It is only allowed to have one cat pr. apartment. The residents have to register their cats in the office of the department. A registration costs 50 Danish kroner. Dog hold is not allowed.

Stoves, washing- and dish washing machines

Maintenance of the technical installations, including stoves, is paid by the department. Damages as a result of incorrect use or abuse are paid by the resident. Every irregularity of the technical installations has to be reported to the board of the department or to the caretaker of the property as fast as possible.

Playing and ball games

Children are not allowed to play or reside on the stair wells, on the ceiling, in the basements, by the front doors or any other places that can be dangerous to children or can disturb other residents.

It is not allowed to paint or draw on the building’s woodwork or masonry or in any other way damage the building or the open spaces. Children playing with bows and arrows, air rifles, salon rifles and the like are dangerous and cannot be tolerated on the property of the department. To avoid meaningless accidents everybody inclusive the caretaker of the property, residents and the board of the department must see, that this does not happen.

Children and playing

Subsequent are the rules regarding children’s do’s and don’ts in the courtyard:

 Children at the age of six or younger are allowed to ride bicycles in the courtyard.

 Young children are allowed to play ball in the courtyard. But the ball cannot pass the yellow part of the wall. This is to ensure, that the ball does not break the windows. The board of the department call that the fine lawn in the park is used when playing soccer.

 The board calls for peace and quiet after 10 pm. (but of cause you are allowed to stay in the courtyard at night). In general the noise has to be in an acceptable volume. It is the parent’s responsibility, that the children comply this. Children or parents must clean up when done playing.

Attics and basements etc.

The storage units have to be locked, even if they are not in use, and the windows has to be in one piece and be closed. In storage units in which there are district heating installations, the access to these must be easy.

Kitchen doors

The board recommends residents to lock their kitchen doors at night. In daytime it is appropriate, that the doors are unlocked, so that the children have easy access to their homes.


Signs and advertising billboards must only appear when having a written agreement from the board. To protect the doors only the approved forms of nameplates can be used.

Cleaning of the stair well

It is up to the residents to clean their own doormat. It is not allowed to place bottles, food wear or the like in the stair wells. Neither bicycles can be placed in the stair well.

Airing out

To avoid condensation and thereby destroying the wood work, the wall paper and the painting, the board calls for effective circulation. At the best several times at week – for five to ten minutes. It is not allowed to hang out linens from the windows.

Faucets and cisterns

Leaky faucets or cisterns often lead to expensive overuse of water. And defective faucets can also lead to noise nuisance to your fellow residents. If it needs repairing you have to inform the board of the department as fast as possible.

Damage, vandalism etc.

If you damage or commit vandalism on the building or the open spaces you will be claimed.

It is in the interest of all the residents to live up to these house rules. The house rules are made by our selves and the intention is to create peace, comfort and satisfaction for all of us and our common interests.

Guides and recommendations given by the caretakers of the property are according to the housing agreement, regulations and recommendations to be complied by the residents. The caretakers are obligated to – and the board of the department has the right to – reprimand violations of the applicable provisions. Shareholders in a department can with the help of the majority of votes adopt changes to the house rules, that goes for all the residents in the department, and the changes has to be reported to the executive committee.

Adopted at the membership meeting of department AAB 16, 12th of May 2016.